More Latina strippers with Alizee. Let her show you what a really naughty and sexy strip dance is all about in France!

  • Name:Alizee
  • Country:FRANCE
  • City:Paris
  • Type:Latina
  • Height:5.44
  • Weight:105
  • Stats:34/25/36
  • aerobic-exercise
  • classmate
  • gala-evening
  • model-student
  • sangria-day
  • walk-in-paris
  • white-planet
  • wild-panther
  • youth-hostel


What makes Alizee so sexy is all the things she is not even more than what she is - there is no pretense with her and no unreachable expectations. She doesn't want anything from you or feel the need to put pressure on you, with her everything is easy and relaxed. She is a peace with herself and that really shows in the way she moves.

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